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Biking Nantucket

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Nantucket Island's small size, terrain and scenic beauty make it an ideal place for bicycling. There are more than 29 miles of bicycle paths across the island. The bike paths are completely separated from the roadways in paved paths. They provide safe and convenient ways to explore Nantucket. Please note that several of the bike paths do have stop signs and it is required that cyclists wear helmets on Nantucket.

Nantucket Bike Paths

Airport Bike Path From the airport to Old South Road, 0.25 mile. The Airport Path and entrance park provides a bike and pedestrian link between the airport and the bike path along Old South Road.

Bartlett Bike Path From Surfside Road to 500 feet east of Mizzenmast Road, 0.65 mile. This path is a neighborhood feeder servicing the mid-island area.

Cliff Bike Path From Crooked Lane to Madaket Road, 1.2 miles. The Cliff Path serves as a scenic connection between the Madaket Road and Eel Point paths and the downtown historic district. Bicyclists and pedestrians can enjoy views from the cliffs along the north coast of the island as well as visit the Tupancy Links conservation property.

Eel Point (Dionis Beach) Bike Path From Madaket Road to Dionis Beach, 0.9 mile. The Eel Point Path serves as a scenic and pastoral connection for bicyclists and pedestrians between the Madaket and Cliff paths and Dionis Beach. It is very bumpy at points, so be prepared. Fairgrounds Bike Path From Old South Road to Surfside Road, 0.9 mile. This path provides a connection between the Old South and Surfside paths.

Hummock Pond Road Bike Path Starts at the beginning of Hummock Pond Road and ends at Cisco Beach, 1.3 miles.

Madaket Bike Path From Quaker Road to Madaket Beach, 5.6 miles. The Madaket Path is a lengthy ride through scenic and pastoral land. It connects bicyclists and pedestrians between Nantucket Town and Madaket Beach. The path also connects with the Eel Point and Cliff paths and passes Sanford Farm, the Quaker Cemetery, Long Pond and the extraordinary Nantucket Landfill, a model in the world of clean landfills.

Milestone Bike Path From the Rotary to New Street in 'Sconset, 6.4 miles. The Milestone Path provides a very scenic connection to the Village of Siasconset and the Polpis Path. Visitors and residents can also enjoy views of the State Forest, Siasconset Golf Course, and the cranberry bogs. Nobadeer Farm Bike Path From Milestone Road to Sun Island Road, 0.25 mile. The Nobadeer Farm path provides a connection for bicyclists and pedestrians between the local neighborhood and the Milestone path. It serves the Nantucket New School and Delta Fields and provides a connection between the Old South path and the Milestone path. Old South Bike Path From the Rotary to Airport Road, 1.4 miles. This path provides a connection along Old South Road from the Airport Path to the Fairgrounds and Milestone paths. Connector path: From Old South Road to Milestone Road, 0.28 miles. This path links the Old South Path near Young's Way to the Milestone and Polpis paths.

Polpis Bike Path From Milestone Road to Anne's Lane in 'Sconset, 8.2 miles. The Polpis Path is one of the more scenic paths, providing a connection to Siasconset and the Milestone Path. Along this path, enjoy views of the Sankaty Head Lighthouse, the moors, and the Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum. South Shore Path From the neighborhood along South Shore Road to the Surfside Path, 1 mile. The path also provides a link to the beaches along the south end of the Island. Surfside Bike Path From Vesper Lane to Surfside Beach, 2.5 miles. The path provides a connection to the Youth Hostel and Nantucket Public School campuses.

Town Bike Path All bike routes begin in Nantucket Town starting at the Steamship Wharf. Please remember to share the road or keep on the bike paths. Do not ride on the sidewalks.

Bike Rentals

Island Bike Shop Sales, service, and rentals by the day, week, or month 508-228-4070

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Easy Riders Low rental rates, great bikes & accessories for the whole family. Free delivery. 508-325-2722

Cook's Cycle Shop Go green on Nantucket with a Cook's Cycle. 508-228-0800

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